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Daily Safety Checklist


1. Ensure jobsite has all needed items using checklist.
2. Assess jobsite hazards and document.

Each Shift

1. Inspect all forklifts on-site and document.
2. Inspect all fall protection equipment-harnesses, lanyards etc.


1. Fill out daily log.
2. Take photos of public areas bordering jobsite (i.e. sidewalks, street)
3. Inspect safety conditions on jobsite and document in daily log.
4. Inspect scaffolding (performed by competent person).


1. Perform comprehensive safety assessment and document.
2. Hold safety meetings with AJP employees and sub-contractors who don’t hold their own. Save document.
3. Collect safety meeting reports from sub-contractors who hold their own meetings.


1. Inspect fire extinguishers.
2. Inspect First Aid kits and replenish as needed.
3. Inspect all ladders.

Every 90 Days

1. Inspect spider boxes (performed by competent person).